Monkey Mouth

My favourite artist is Dali. I want to make something similar to his work but I’ve already done a couple so I’m trying something a little different. I still have the bold and simple sky and plain, populated with something quite odd.

I decided a sun was boring so let’s so in a poppy, why not. They’re gorgeous flowers. I also gave the ‘monkey’ a once over in skin tone and smoothed some shadows in with a grey blue. I’m trying with the grass but it’s not working out the way I hoped.

Scrap the grass let’s try a different background. I shaded the banana with some nice whimsical purple and finished up the poppy. I really like the weird elephants Dali does so let’s give the monkey grasshopper legs.

I liked the tree idea but I really messed up these shadows. The legs are just getting weird too. Physics of it doesn’t work. The birds are nice though.

Byebye monkey, let’s get weird. I’ve done a few picture with things going in and out of mouths like trains, let’s try an arm.

I need a backgroun but don’t want to take away from anything so let’s just do some nice rolling hills. And let’s be serious, a mouth in a desert can’t just float around, let’s get some support in there.

A valley brings focus to the banana. Framed and signed.

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