Lakeside Cottage

I’ve started a set of paintings of amazing scenery straight out of fairy tales. This cottage floating in a lake is the perfectly mysterious place. What can you imagine inside, who would live there and what would life be like? In this first draft I just threw down a base coat to get the tone of each area.

A quick touch of of the sky and laying down strong contrast got the mountains done so quickly I don’t have an intermediate step to show. I colored all the dark areas, put strong highlights and quickly blended the colors together. I also gave the cottage a bit more definition, really just a more defined base coat.

Starting to work on the water, it’s my first time trying something so clear. I think starting with painting the lake floor then I will cover it in a gloss to get water. A quick definition of the foreground rocks as well.

I did the same to the rest of the lake floor then added some glare to create the illusion of the water with just some quick shading on the rocks.

Here you can see the little picture I’m working from. Sitting so closely so I can quickly reference all the little details where the water meets the shore.

The foreground was quite complicated but starting with some very dark tones and using highlights from strong contrast then working in the little details from there made short work of it.

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