Lake O’Hara

As part of my scenery collection I decided to show off the amazing color of the pools coming down over lake O’Hara. Here is a quick beige yellow background for tone with some blue outlines. I’m really happy with how the farthest mountain turned out

Moving foward I’m using a mix of white, blue purple and brown for the moutain, a bit of dark beige to create the dunes at the base of the mountains; some light green to start off the trees with blue for shading.

Moving left I started giving the lakes their vibrant blue green. For the trees I started with dark green for definition then highlights and lowlights. The stepped cliff was a bit more involved laying down a quick blue layer then going through with highlights and low lights. Another pass to redefine the shapes and get vegetation in there. Then highlights and lowlights again.

Repeating the same process I moved up the mountain and repeated the dark beige for the base.

The picture got cut off so I’m making up the big mountain on the left. I’m not happy with how it;s going to let’s put some highlights, let it dry and paint over the shapes created.

Some contrast on the back left mountain to diminish break up the straight lines on the right side. Some orange to match the rest of the painting. Clear coat, signed and complete.

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