Country Lanes

This one is a bit different. A painting I gave up on. I actually started using the pieces to prop things up. If you look at the grass you can see a lot of texture and this is the main reason I thought I couldn’t recover. Now after having learned more in my experimenting I think I can fix this.

Just goes to show, never give up! Just a couple hours and the painting is a whole new piece. All this needed was a blue wash in the clouds, little highlights around the edges; an ocre wash in the sky with a little red nearing the clouds; and a dark green layer over the grass with some basic contrast for the rays.

I added some orange to the clouds and now we’re getting somewhere, but the grass is too splotchy so I gave it a once over in green to smooth it all together.

In keeping with orange on blue clouds I threw in some purple to shade the grass and some blue in roads. That made the world of difference.

Here is the same piece photographed with a better camera.

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