Horse pendants

After making a few pendants I was asked to make a horse. I’ve only ever drawn one or two and they came out looking like dogs but I’m working on a giraffe painting and it’s going good so let’s give it a go. I picked two horses to do, in case one doesn’t work out.

I traced the two images on paper so I can use them as a guide.

After flatening the rocks I glued the traces to them.

Quick job cutting out the guides

Skipped a few steps here – after peeling off the guides I cut down the face area then used hand files to get a light outline of the face detail

After a few cuts to finalize the faces and a clear coat the pendants look like this


After doing the small hand with a crystal I wanted to try a plain hand. I originally planned to do lifesize but my guide came out a little small. I really need to get my own printer to do it myself.

Huge rock… I started with the tile saw, but the new blade was stalling out, and the flat surface really limits my cuts. I decided to buy a grinder, so I needed something to hold the rock while I cut it.

First round of cutting with the grinder.

I cut out the fingers and marked out the angles to cut off more.

This is probably as smooth as I can get with the grinder. Marked out a bit more to cut off but I’m switching to my new diamond blades on the dremmel.

Starting by cutting the palm down to size, and smoothing the fingers a bit.

Smoothing out the palm it’s nearly done.

The back need some work now, marking out what to cut.

Bit rough, but thats pretty good. Cut the first lines with the saw blade then smoothed it out using a rounded burr.

Final touches, adding the finger nails; and reshaping the thumb.

Bit of polishing and a clear coat.


Found this crystal, and it’s begging to be cut into something with the crystal as a protusion.

I’m watching dragon ball Z so let’s do an energy ball.

Slowly, cut more and more.

With the crystal so wonky I don’t want to cut it down and loose the size. Let’s put some epoxy and built it up.

With th epoxy cured, I cut it into a sphere.

Cut the fingers out more and polish the crystal.

It’s too small and intricate to polish so this is where clear coats come in handy.

Triple Infinity

Only my third scultupre but I want to try something a bit more intricate, I put together this wire design to get an understanding of the shape then drew it on the rock.

Started by cutting in the design so I can see it when the water washes away the ink, then I started by cutting the two larger holes. I used diamond tipped burrs on a dremmel, water, and patience.

To make sure I know where to cut to get the 3d loop I colored the parts to be cut off in black.

With the sides cut off it was easy to cut the top hole.

After cleaning up the holes the ‘fourth’ or cross over area opened up. Quick polish and clear coat to make my life easy and it’s done.

Power-rock carving for beginners

If you’re new to rock carving you might be interested in some of the tools I use.

The first thing I needed was a dremmel or rotary carving tool. I ended up with the mastercraft because the expensive one was on sale. This is a 3500 series. Another useful piece is the flexible extension, but I broke it so I’m waiting on a new one.

There’s a bunch of standard bits that come with the dremmel, including diamond burrs, but they are low quality. This is my set of industrial burrs. You can see theres one I snapped the tiny head off. Don’t go too fast!

Speaking of the standard bits, this is the set that came with the dremmel. The sanding tips can’t handle stone. The brushes would be equally useless. Do not try to use composite cutting disk as they just shred themselves, even the diamond burrs are weak. The polishing stones do work nicely though, the green is more aggressive than the orange, but sometimes the orange doesn’t work. Depends on the density of your material. The polishing pads are nice, but you need a lot of polishing paste. The rubber wheels also do a nice job polishing. Finally in the corner you can see a couple diamond blades I bought separately. They cut nicely, but careful – see the cracks? Those are unusable.

Going bigger I need more tools so I borrowed this7.5″ diamond tile cutting saw. Works nicely, at low rpm too so somewhat safer.

The tile saw is ‘bigger’ but un manoeverable so I can’t do much cutting with it. This is my new grinder with 4.5″ diamond blade.

Can’t hold the stone and use a grinder so I got a clamp.

Besides all that I use a gas mask so I don’t breath in the stone dust, and glasses so I don’t hurt myself. You’ll see gloves but I never actually used them.


Decided to put together a piece of the northern lights. Starting with a blue background for the sky and snow.

A quick dab of color to get the bae of the cloud and light done, a few dark lines to point out where the mountains go and some light pink for the snow.

Doing more of the same, once the paint is dryer I can paint over it and put more detail in the lights and clouds.

Clouds are too splotchy so I blended the colours together and added some dark contrast. I outlines the moutain range with black and purple before blending in some highlights and giving the water a green reflection base coat.

Starting the icebergs I did the light blue outline you can see on the right then added in some pure navy blue to get the main shape of the icebergs then black and highlight to create the strong contrast.

Finishing off the water was icebergs. Signed and complete.

Lake O’Hara

As part of my scenery collection I decided to show off the amazing color of the pools coming down over lake O’Hara. Here is a quick beige yellow background for tone with some blue outlines. I’m really happy with how the farthest mountain turned out

Moving foward I’m using a mix of white, blue purple and brown for the moutain, a bit of dark beige to create the dunes at the base of the mountains; some light green to start off the trees with blue for shading.

Moving left I started giving the lakes their vibrant blue green. For the trees I started with dark green for definition then highlights and lowlights. The stepped cliff was a bit more involved laying down a quick blue layer then going through with highlights and low lights. Another pass to redefine the shapes and get vegetation in there. Then highlights and lowlights again.

Repeating the same process I moved up the mountain and repeated the dark beige for the base.

The picture got cut off so I’m making up the big mountain on the left. I’m not happy with how it;s going to let’s put some highlights, let it dry and paint over the shapes created.

Some contrast on the back left mountain to diminish break up the straight lines on the right side. Some orange to match the rest of the painting. Clear coat, signed and complete.

Lakeside Cottage

I’ve started a set of paintings of amazing scenery straight out of fairy tales. This cottage floating in a lake is the perfectly mysterious place. What can you imagine inside, who would live there and what would life be like? In this first draft I just threw down a base coat to get the tone of each area.

A quick touch of of the sky and laying down strong contrast got the mountains done so quickly I don’t have an intermediate step to show. I colored all the dark areas, put strong highlights and quickly blended the colors together. I also gave the cottage a bit more definition, really just a more defined base coat.

Starting to work on the water, it’s my first time trying something so clear. I think starting with painting the lake floor then I will cover it in a gloss to get water. A quick definition of the foreground rocks as well.

I did the same to the rest of the lake floor then added some glare to create the illusion of the water with just some quick shading on the rocks.

Here you can see the little picture I’m working from. Sitting so closely so I can quickly reference all the little details where the water meets the shore.

The foreground was quite complicated but starting with some very dark tones and using highlights from strong contrast then working in the little details from there made short work of it.

Country Lanes

This one is a bit different. A painting I gave up on. I actually started using the pieces to prop things up. If you look at the grass you can see a lot of texture and this is the main reason I thought I couldn’t recover. Now after having learned more in my experimenting I think I can fix this.

Just goes to show, never give up! Just a couple hours and the painting is a whole new piece. All this needed was a blue wash in the clouds, little highlights around the edges; an ocre wash in the sky with a little red nearing the clouds; and a dark green layer over the grass with some basic contrast for the rays.

I added some orange to the clouds and now we’re getting somewhere, but the grass is too splotchy so I gave it a once over in green to smooth it all together.

In keeping with orange on blue clouds I threw in some purple to shade the grass and some blue in roads. That made the world of difference.

Here is the same piece photographed with a better camera.


Here is picture of the girl from Fish Off. One of the few times I just just a human figure. This one is water color so you can see the paint tape creating a border. I start with the base coat background and the tone of her body and face.

Starting with dark tones to outline the braids, fingers, her ear and shirt. A few tones in the are and chin before getting some highlights by washing out the color where needed.

With the main part of the image done I can start get some defined fuzzyness in the hair without it looking blurry. I also get a bit more tone for the final definition and remove the tape to get a nice white border.