Decided to put together a piece of the northern lights. Starting with a blue background for the sky and snow.

A quick dab of color to get the bae of the cloud and light done, a few dark lines to point out where the mountains go and some light pink for the snow.

Doing more of the same, once the paint is dryer I can paint over it and put more detail in the lights and clouds.

Clouds are too splotchy so I blended the colours together and added some dark contrast. I outlines the moutain range with black and purple before blending in some highlights and giving the water a green reflection base coat.

Starting the icebergs I did the light blue outline you can see on the right then added in some pure navy blue to get the main shape of the icebergs then black and highlight to create the strong contrast.

Finishing off the water was icebergs. Signed and complete.

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