Countryside Sunset

This one is a bit different; a painting I gave up on. I deleted all the earlier photos and started using the canvases to prop things up. If you notice, you can see a lot of texturing in the clouds and grass. This is the main reason I thought I couldn’t fix it or repaint on top. But now, after doing a lot of lighting and musing in my paintings, I think I’m finally able to fix it.

This looks like a big difference but it just goes to show I shouldn’t have given up. All I did to get to this point was wash the sky blue, lightened some rays and did the same for the yellow sky. I dabbed over the clouds to even them out and gave them some highlights. That was the first hour. In hour 2 I repainted the road brown and made an attempt at grass…

We’re getting there. I threw in some orange in the clouds and defined the rays through the clouds a bit better. I also decided to give the grass a wash at this point, the colour fade wasn’t right.

In this final edition I’ve given the grass and roads some coloured glared instead of merely lightened with white. That’s never a good idea…
I’ve taken this last picture with a somewhat better camera so the colours come out much more vibrant and we can even make out much of the texture.

Sorrento Cafe

Started a new painting. This is a quick sketch of the background. I plan to ad the foreground on a second pane of glass.

Working from the farthest point, inward.
Touched up the stucco.

Added in the bricks.

Finalized background detail: walls, windows, plants, tables & chairs.

So here’s that second pane. I don’t have a picture of the quick draft, here I’ve worked on the bricks.

Outlined the bricks , worked on chairs, table & the well’s roof.

Here’s an idea of the perspective the 2 panes create. Notice there’s a door visible to the left of one of the columns and the other is blocking a window.

And now that same door is on the right of the column and we can see the window!